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Save the date for our upcoming events below...

Sustainable Finance Market Game!

We will be going over sustainable finance with a focus on the impacts on the energy industry and playing a Stock Market game where we will have the chance to "invest" 100$ into different investment opportunities and then track those investments over a simulated year to see how different investments are impacted by world events!

Date: November 21st 5PM-6PM
Location: EV1 350 & Microsoft Teams

Join online using the link below!

Click here to join the meeting


Ongoing Tuesday Meetings

Our bi-weekly open meetings consist of fun events like trivia, debate sessions, and discussions of new technology and world energy events. Come join us every second Tuesday at 5pm starting September 26th, in EV1 350 or on teams, using the Link below. 

Note, meeting will be cancelled during reading week (Oct 10th).

Wind Mills
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