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Past Events

Come check out some of the past events UWEN has hosted!

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Check out Content from our Open Meetings!

We have bi-weekly general meetings for the whole club to come together and talk with fellow members about the day's energy news, interesting developments and any other topics! These meetings start with some games and other fun discussions for 20-30 minutes, followed by the opportunity to get involved with planning and volunteering for club events.

Click the link to see content from those open meetings!



Renewable Energy Careers Panel!

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UWEN hosted an Energy Careers Panel. Four amazing panelists participated and shared their experiences in the energy industry with members and answered questions about getting into the energy world. There was free pizza for all in person attendees! The panelists provided us with many resources and provided their contact information for anyone with further questions.


You can find those resources and contact information on our More Resources tab!


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Enerchat - Dr.Bronwyn Lazowski

Returning for her second EnerChat, Dr.Bronwyn Lazowski is a Senior Policy Advisor for the Office of Energy Research & Development. She is a UWaterloo Alumni and has earned her PhD in Geography and Environmental Management where her research focused on residential electricity conservation and demand management through smart grid technologies, programs and policies!
During the event, she talked about her current work as she is leading at Natural Resources Canada. She also talked about career opportunities in the energy sector for research related to public policy. Viewers learned a lot about Canada's grid modernization future while enjoying timbits and coffee. The event ended with a short Q&A where Bronwyn provided a lot more insight.
Bronwyn provided UWEN with many resources for students who want to enter the energy sector through the government! Check out the Discover tab to get more information on how to start your career. Check out the More Resources tab to learn more about Smart Grids in Canada!


Green building plan
Smart Stairs
Evolv1 Energy Hub

Monthly tours, upon request

Tours of Evolv1

Evolv1 is Canada’s first Zero Carbon Building – Design and Performance Certified, Net Positive. A uniquely modern 104,000 square foot urban space designed for today’s millennial tech-savvy workforce.


We connected with Sustainable Waterloo Region to offer a tour for Waterloo students! We learned all about the building's passive heating and geothermal systems, photovoltaic carports, and so many more innovative energy efficiency programs and design considerations. Fun fact, on a -30 degree winter day, Evolv1 was able to turn off its heating system and rely solely on passive solar energy to keep the building cozy.


Stay tuned for more tours scheduled!


Fuel Cell Enerchat with Ballard Power Systems

Sumit Kundu is a University of Waterloo graduate who is now an industry professional at Ballard Power Systems working as the manager of Stack Test Engineering. He graduated from Waterloo with a PhD in chemical engineering and is now working in the hydrogen fuel cell industry where he has worked on research, product development, and the testing and characterization of fuel cell technologies.

We got to hear from him on why he joined Ballard, what skills he uses on the job, the pros and cons of different design and application of fuel cells, and some intel on how to get into work with hydrogen. Lucky to have such wisdom! You can check out Ballard Power Systems at:



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Enerchat - Professor Claudio Canizares

Professor Claudio Canizares is the Associate Director for the Waterloo Institute for Sustainable Energy (WISE) and a graduate professor from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. He came to present his research at UWEN’s first Enerchat of the Winter 2023 term, the presentation was held in person in QNC 1506 with free coffee and timbits for participants!It was also accessible online via Microsoft Teams  Dr.Claudio Canizares discussed his research on microgrids as well as the student internship opportunities offered by WISE through AE4H. He offered a detailed background on how power grids work and then expanded to the application of microgrids in northern communities in Canada. The 30-minute presentation was followed by an engaging Q&A session where students were able to ask questions to Dr.Claudio Canizares about the future of grids and the energy sector. Refer to our Discover tab to get more information on the internship opportunities with WISE!

Clubs and Communities Fair


Clubs and Communities Fair

UWEN held a booth at Envigorate's Clubs and Communities Fair to raise awareness about initiatives in the Renewable Energy space and connect with students and other regional groups!

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